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630 686 2315

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We live busy lives, finding the time to drop off and pick up a device during rush can be problematic. 

Talk to us about our pick up and drop off or shipping service

Pick up and drop off

Ask us for our pick up and drop off service from only $4.99 ( Depending on distance )

We can arrange a pick up at your door, you simply fill in in a simple form on the our tablet and we will box up and take away. 

Once item has been completed we will arrange a drop off in the same way and we can also take payment on credit card debit card and PayPal at your door step.

Shipping USPS, FEDEX and UPS

Ask us about our service from only $4.99 ( Depending on distance size and weight )

Ship your item

Fill in our simple form and we will take care of the rest 


Got an urgent repair? Contact us now

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

Visit our repair center
Open 11am to 7pm MON - SAT
244 E Ogden Ave IL 60521 Office 11
Call us on 630 6862315 
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