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Best apps for keeping your life organized

We want to highlight our favorite apps for managing time and getting jobs done during these crazy times where a lot of us are working from home!

Todoist- todoist is a great app for task management. This app allows its users to assign to-do lists, due dates, and more! It allows you to add tasks from your computer to share to your phone as well with convenient pop up notifications for each job to ensure you are getting your tasks done! It also allows you to setup "Karma Points" to keep you motivated in a fun way!

Kiwake- kiwake is a great app if you're like me and hit that snooze 15 times every morning before dragging yourself out of bed. Kiwake Forces you to setup and use your brain to solve a puzzle to turn off the alarm! By the time you shut the alarm off your brain is already rolling and ready to get up to take on the day!

Loop- Loop is a "Habit Tracker" to keep you on task during your day. If you're anything like me I can get stuck in a loop (you see what I did there), in between several tasks rather than tackling them one at a time. Loop allows you to set a weekly calendar with tasks listed out by time and date! This one is the MVP in my book!

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